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Dangerous Impressions


When Madison Bloom ends up at the local community college and meets the attractive, yet mysterious, Nathan Bradley, her world takes a dramatic turn. With his passion for art, especially the Impressionists, and their passion for each other, Nathan seems to be the perfect guy. But Nathan has a secret life and a dangerous connection to the underground world of art theft.  What Madison doesn’t realize is that the closer she gets to Nathan, the easier it is for his enemies to use her to get what they want.  And it might be too late for one of them…  



An art thief kidnaps a college art student and ransoms her for a stolen painting, but he didn't expect her to steal it back!


There is nothing more magical than love.  It’s invisible but the strongest of all bonds.  It can’t be weighed and measured by science, but it’s the only sure thing that exists in the world.  It can build or break a person or a civilization, yet it has to be nurtured and carefully tended by individuals.  It has the strength to endure all tests and all time, but it is also the most tender and gentle thing life has to offer.  I’m so glad I found it.
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